Kim Doggett Architects

I started Kim Doggett Architects in 1991.  Mine is a highly collaborative practice.  Whereas most architects have a signature style, I enjoy working in many different styles.  Although every style is redefined in its revival, having a toolkit of style components, like the words of a language, allows for fuller expression and greater resolution of spatial form.  The process of adapting traditional styles to accommodate modern lifestyles - our desire for more open living spaces as well as new technologies -  is another jumping off point to new definitions of old forms.

The Design Process

I start the design process responding to the Clients program and preconceptions.  Working with the Client, I create several quick sketch drawings of different forms the design can take. This way the Client can see all the options and we can establish a design direction for the project.  More than documenting the design, I regard the drawing process as a tool in the design process.  In collaboration with the Client, subsequent drawings, either hand or computer generated, are reviewed at every stage.

Over my 35 years experience, I have designed new construction, additions and interiors.  I work at all scales, from kitchen and bath renovations to new houses, and from the smallest to the largest budgets.  However, I do believe the future of home design is in small (and therefore greener) spatial definitions with a greater emphasis on the proportions, details and materials; a smaller, well-detailed and defined space is more comfortable and useful than larger undefined spaces. 

Finally, as a small firm I don’t hand Clients off to Employees; all Client contact is with me thus ensuring a highly professional, personalized experience.  In the U.S., my NCARB certification allows me to practice in every state. For my international work, I partner with local architects.